A digital-forward marketing agency designed to transform the way businesses connect with the world

experiences Inspire Action.

We understand what moves people.

Jillian Wilson Marketing empowers clients to be who they are in a savvy, digital eco-space through thoughtfully-curated, immersive content.  ​

Why us? We're a forward thinking company. We've built Emmy-Award winning campaigns and worked with news media outlets to reinvent how stories and consumers connect with brands.​

Brand Development

From concept theory, design, to brand launch, we work hand in hand with clients to create a unique & sustainable voice that demands attention

Market Strategy

We give you the blueprint for digital growth  by implementing key digital protocols, social media training, influencer marketing, and the tools needed to drive consistent conversions

Video Production

This is our creative strong suit. We pride ourselves on unique visual storytelling to showcase real people and experiences to educate, impact, and inspire action

Founder, Jillian Wilson

Our company is inspired to build brands through visual storytelling. This principle is the backbone of my news broadcasting career, producing entertainment television social media, and has been the key to helping businesses grow locally and globally.

Our style is to empower clients to challenge the status quo by practicing leadership on social media and in real life. By making the commitment to add value to individuals and connect on a human level rather than a follower count builds trust, credibility, and establishes authority. How you want to be seen in the world starts with you and we are here to showcase your star.

Only 1 in 4 brands stand out to consumers


Social media is constantly evolving and your brand's ability to keep pace is imperative to long-term success.

Jillian Wilson Marketing leads brands on a transformational journey by reprogramming their approach to effective communication with consumers. The goal is to form a human connection, build trust, and deliver valuable solutions to problems your business is solving.

create your brand

challenge the status quo

Digital boutique driven by strategic brand development & impactful creative content
World class marketing solutions designed to drive growth for small and global brands
"Jillian Wilson's direction, expertise, and individually curated services helped me grow my brand and establish influence in my very competitive industry."
- Jason Emer, MD
Celebrity Dermatologist
West Hollywood, CA
"Jillian is excellent to work with. She is very committed to each project she takes on, and with the skill, knowledge and talent she possesses, every project has met my very high expectations."
- Leif Rogers, MD, FACS
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Bevery Hills & Pasadena, CA

"Jillian Wilson Marketing injected new life and energy into our team and took the quality of our work to the next level. She'sbeen invaluable to my business and instrumental in our social media marketing development."
- Nima Naghshineh, MD, FACS, MS
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Beverly Hills & Pasadena, CA